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Aerial Photo of a Real Estate

Real Estate Law in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah

Our attorneys have been assisting real estate buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers and brokers with their commercial and residential real estate transactions for nearly two decades. 

From residential real estate to shopping centers and strip malls, we have the experience you need, and we provide the personal service you expect. We have built our reputation serving individuals, businesses, landlords, tenants and brokers with the purchase, sale, lease, and development of residential and commercial real estate. 


We assist clients in all real estate transactions, including the following types of real estate matters. Your transaction is not too complicated, and your issue is not too complex for us to get the best result for you. 

Purchase and Sales Agreements

We represent clients in mortgages, land contracts, deeds, purchase and sales negotiations, drafting contracts, real estate closings and other real estate transactions involving the purchase or sale of a home or business.


A landlord does not make money evicting tenants. A landlord makes money finding tenants who pay. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of the landlord, a tenant simply must be set out. We represent landlords in residential and commercial leases to ensure that you are protected when evicting the problem tenant.

Mortgages and Land Contracts

We can represent either the lender or the borrower, but not both in the same transaction.

Construction Defects

We represent all parties in construction defect litigation, mediation and arbitration, including banks, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and buyers and sellers.

Estate Planning

We can prepare survivorship deeds, transfer on death affidavits and assist you in getting real estate transferred to the correct name after the death of a loved one.


We can assist you with all leases, including commercial leases, ground leases, retail leases, office leases, industrial leases and residential leases.


We represent banks and individuals when it becomes necessary to foreclose on a property after the mortgage payments are not being made.

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