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Business Services

Nevada, Arizona, and Utah are great places to do business. With our services we can help you identify a company name, choose the right entity type, register, apply for a tax identification number, and get a state business license.

Entity Types

In Nevada, Arizona, and Utah you can form a limited liability company, a corporation, a partnership, a limited liability partnership, and various other entity types.  We will help you choose the best one.

The Limited Liability Company

The Limited Liability Company can be a great option for many business owners.  This entity type can provide you with strong privacy protection and no requirement for annual meetings or operating agreements. Nevada, Arizona, and Utah also have incredible anonymity provisions.

The Corporation

Nevada, Arizona, and Utah offer a wide range of benefits as a state of incorporation, including its ease of registration, relatively low corporate taxes and excellent and predictable laws. Nevada, Arizona, and Utah also offer strong privacy protections to business owners and a business-friendly environment.

Registered Agent Services

If you are not a Nevada, Arizona or Utah resident, or if you want to keep your business affairs separate, we offer a registered agent service for our customers.  All Nevada, Arizona, and Utah entities require a registered agent within the state.

Business Formation in Other States

Our attorneys are licensed in multiple states.  If you are looking for registration services outside the states of Nevada, Arizona, or Utah we are excited to help!  Many states offer liability protection and most require that you organize or register within their borders if  you conduct business there.  Let us help you decide!

API attorneys are here to assist your business.

The role of a business/corporate lawyer is to ensure that a business operates within the bounds of the law. To represent a business, the corporate lawyer must think of the business as if it were a separate person. As a separate person, the business has its own identity and specific laws it must follow. The laws specific to businesses include the legality of contracts and commercial transactions, foreign trade laws, and the legal rights and duties of corporate officers and shareholders when dealing with employees and taxes. 


Business law also deals with the creation of new businesses and the issues that arise as existing businesses interact with the public, other companies, and the government. A good business lawyer will know tax law, intellectual property, real estate, sales, employment law, commercial transactions, banking, bankruptcy, and other areas of the law as needed by the business. Business law attorneys focus on the operation of the business, and usually call on others to represent clients in court. In fact, business lawyers are most often hired for the specific purpose of avoiding mistakes that might otherwise result in a lawsuit or a dispute with the government.


The attorneys at API have the knowledge and experience to deal with all aspects of contract law, business formation, human resources, collection, licensing and other laws specific to business.  We represent companies with just one owner as well as large companies operating in many jurisdictions and countries.

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